Half Moon Dressage Competition Sunday 7th Feb

This was the first time we have had riders wanting to go to a dressage competition and some of them had not competed at all before.

There were 2 classes to enter, the first was a walk and trot test and we had 8 riders in this one.

Andrew Innes was the first to go for us on Flash, followed by Jack Ramsey on Zack, Oscara Dowling on Phoenix, Edward Fuller on Skye, Jamuna Macro also rode Flash, Martha Kennedy on her own pony Tolly, Leon Iglesias also on Skye, Joey Kennedy on his own Pony Kevin and finally Oscara on May. All the riders rode very well and were consistently accurate in the arena. There were 18 riders in the class and all our riders finished in the top 12 with Oscara on May 3rd and on Phoenix 4th, Martha 7th, Leo 8th and Andrew 10 th. The judge was very impressed with our riders being very professional and enjoyed judging all of them so very well done.

The next class was a prelim test which included canter aswell. Jamuna was first to go on flash, followed by Martha, Leo, Joey and Oscara on May. Once again all the riders rode very well and all completed a good test. Oscara was our highest placed rider being 8 th out of a class of 16 with all the others close behind.

A very enjoyable day was had by all so here’s to the next one!