I would like to know more about Sandroyd and/or The Walled Garden. What should I do?

For further information please complete the online request form. Alternatively, please contact the School Office on 01725 516264 to make an appointment to look around and to meet the Headmaster, Alastair Speers and / or Head of The Walled Garden, Kate Blomfield.

What is the entry procedure for Sandroyd?

All children who are registered to join Sandroyd are invited to an assessment morning or afternoon in the year before they are due to start. For further information regarding entry to either Sandroyd or The Walled Garden, please contact the Registrar.

What does this assessment involve?

The informal assessment is by no means a high-pressure academic exercise but an opportunity for us to identify areas of strength and areas that may need further support. After the assessments, the Headmaster will follow up with a letter to parents giving feedback from the day.

What does Sandroyd offer in the way of Bursaries or Scholarships?

Click here for Bursary information or contact the Bursar.

What is the best way to pay the fees?

We do not recommend any particular insurance or savings scheme. Parents are advised to consult an Independent Financial Advisor. There is a scheme in place, however, for paying the fees monthly and this has proved quite popular. More information on this is available from the Bursar.

How can I buy official school uniform?

All details regarding uniform are sent out to parents in the New Pupil Pack a term in advance. There is also a uniform list on the School App. The School’s outfitters are Squires in Shaftesbury (01747 852455) and most of the uniform can be purchased from them. We have a small School Shop where some of the items can be obtained (as detailed on the uniform list), as well as various second hand items. To make an appointment to visit the School Shop, please contact the School Office, or any of the matrons.

What happens if my child is unwell at school?

There is 24 hour medical cover at Sandroyd. Boarders are registered with the School Doctor and day children remain with their local GP. Full details of medical arrangements are sent to parents before their child arrives at Sandroyd.

Sister will inform parents or guardians whenever there is a medical problem. Parents of day children may be asked to take their child home early if that is an option. Boarders will usually remain at School, although parents may take them home in certain cases. Flexibility is the key and the needs of the children are, of course, always the primary consideration.

What happens if my child is away from School for a long period of time due to illness?

The School offers a fees refund scheme to cover prolonged absence, in the event of illness or accident. Parents may opt out of this scheme if they so wish.

How will I know how my child is getting on in class?

Parents are informed of the children’s academic progress in a number of ways. Assessments for effort are completed on a fortnightly basis, with those for effort and attainment completed half termly. These can be accessed via the Parents’ Area on the website. Parent/teacher meetings largely take place during the Spring term and pupils in all year groups have a full report in the Autumn and Summer terms, with a shorter one in the Spring term (with the exception of Year 8 who have a full report every term). Meetings with an individual teacher or tutor are available by appointment at any time.

When is the best time to contact the School?

The School Office is open 08:00am – 6:00pm Monday to Friday and 9:00am – 1:00pm Saturdays. Messages can be left outside of the opening times.

Further Questions?  Please contact:

School Office

01725 516264


01725 516329