Dance Show

Our theme for our fourth dance show at Sandroyd was travelling the world in order to see and experience the wonderful dances all around us. Quinta playing herself travelled from country to country watching and learning in order to impress Miss Lorraine and get a spot in the dance squad. She saw beautiful flowers and bouncy Scottish dancers, cheeky can-can girls and amazing dolls. Exotic flamenco dancers and Greek girls in step. A scene from the Nutcraker saw soldiers and rats and at the rat queens demise and Clara’s love for her soldier. A weary Quinta having a nightmare surrounded by ghosts on pointe bought the first scene to an end.

The second scene was opened by our street dancers making a Micheal Jackson dance look very easy followed by the little ones who were dancing in Acapulco. Our China dolls came next and then our Indian girls twirling around the stage. Quinta feeling very hot and tired suddenly arrived in Africa as the dancers beat their chests and swished away. Back at school they were jiving and having fun before moving to the left and turning around. At the end Quinta having had the time of life decides that dancing is not for her and desperate to fill the last place in the squad they call in the big guns!!!

This show was all about showing the talent and enthusiasm we have at Sandroyd, having a good time, enjoying dance and ballet and putting a smile on your face.  I hope we succeeded. It was called Amazing Grace simply because our wonderful dance Captain is called Grace and why not?

Until the next time.