Our Boarding Houses

Junior Boys and Girls House

The Junior Boarding House is for boys in Years 3 – 5 and girls in Years 3 – 6. The girls and boys are separated by a landing but share common room and communal areas. We are flexible in our approach to boarding from Year 3 – 6 where occasional, flexi, weekly and full boarding can be accommodated to meet the needs of the children and their families.

The boarding house is run very much as an extension to our own family, indeed our own children attend Sandroyd as pupils. We want the children to treat the boarding house as their home and so the activities and resources within the house are very much based around what the children want. This could be playing a board game, watching a family film whilst munching popcorn, playing ‘hide and seek’ or listening to one of our members of staff read a quiet story. We have a wonderful support network of staff within the house which includes a number of Sandroyd and The Walled Garden staff, our matron team and the Gap Students.

The boys are split across three dorms and the girls also have three dorms. This is where they can make it their ‘home from home’, by having their own duvet covers, toys, photos and posters.

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Junior Boys’ and Girls’ Houseparents: Tom and Kate Blomfield

Middle Boys House

The Middle Boys House is for Year 6 and 7 boys and is located in the main school building. Year 6 remains very flexible in terms of boarding commitment however it is during their time in this house that the transition from flexi to full boarding in Year 7 takes place (if they haven’t already become full boarders!). The boys are split between 6 large dormitories with numerous facilities available.

Every evening the boys can relax in their dormitories, play table football, Playstation, pool, table tennis, watch television or enjoy some quiet time reading and socialising in our communal areas.

We have an excellent network of matrons and support staff who all help in making the middle boys boarding a fun and friendly environment for all. With two young children of our own we know and appreciate the importance of providing a safe and happy atmosphere for children to thrive in.

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Middle Boys’ Houseparents: Barry and Victoria Irving

Senior Boarding House

The Senior Boarding House is for girls in Year 7 and boys and girls in Year 8. This house continues to build on the family values that Sandroyd and the other boarding houses are based upon. The Year 8s are given more freedom, with a later ‘upstairs’ or ‘home’ time than the younger ones along with other privileges and the boys and girls have their own kitchen areas.

Evenings are very relaxed with the various common rooms normally being the main destination. Here they can watch TV, play on gadgets, play board games or a game of cards whilst socialising with their peers.

We have a fantastic array of support staff who work in the house, including our matrons, our Gap Students and a selection of academic staff who do evening duties.
The Senior Wing is a vital stepping stone from Prep school to Senior School.

Please click here to view the Senior Boarding House Weekend activities.

Senior Boarding Houseparents: Benji and Zoe Snell