Boarders Camp ‘IN’ & Year 6 Familiarisation Weekend

Plan A was to enjoy a beautiful camping experience in the grounds of the school but as ever the British weather decided to play its part which led to plan B; glamping in the gymnasium! As it turned out it was immense fun as the children played human ‘hungry hippos’, ate chips and watched a movie on the big screen before settling down for an interesting nights sleep.

Breakfast was served for the early birds and after chapel Year 6 assembled to go to Studland beach. The children went exploring instantly checking out the sand dunes and jumping into the gloriously warm sea!  A quick fish and chips lunch cooked fresh for all was devoured and then onto some fun activities. There was cricket to be played, bulldog, sand dune jumping, swimming, the burying of certain Year 6 boys in the sand and a new game called Cobb which was introduced to the boys and girls by Mr Snell, was a highlight to end the day.

Back on the minibuses it will surprise no one to know that some had a little nap but all were happy and entertained throughout the whole weekend. A great day to cap a great weekend.