Avon Vale Pony Club Triathlon at Stonar School

On Sunday 19th Feb we had a few competitors for this competition which was during the half term break.

Class 1 was 7 yrs and under and there were 40 competitors. Amelia Blomfield went very well for her first attempt at this competition. The swim was for 2 mins and Amelia did 71m in the time which gave her 7th  place then a run of 600m which she did in 3 min 22 secs and was 17th. Individually she was 13th out of 40.

Class 2 mini boys 11 yrs and under. Our team of Ned Tucker, Frederick Bowater, Jack Ramsay and William Ramsay (who was doing this for the first time), all went well and finished with a team place of 5th. Ned had the best shoot of 520 (12th overall) in the team, William had the best run of the team, 1000m in 4 min 45 secs(9th overall)  with Jack second with 4 min 48 secs (10th) just missing out. Frederick had the best swim of 94m in 2 mins (10th). Individual placings overall were William 12th, Frederick 15th, Ned 16th and Jack 17th. Well done to them all.

Class 4 junior boys 14 yrs and under. Ivor was our only competitor and this was a step up in class for him. The shoot was one handed and Ivor did very well to get 740 which gave him 4th place individually. With a good swim and run, Ivor finished 8th overall.

This was the last competition of the winter series and all the children (24 of them) that have taken part in all the previous ones have shown an improvement through the winter, hopefully they will be back for the next series next autumn. Shoot practice will continue through the next term to keep their eye in!